How To Pick The Right Bulb For Your Fixture

Gone are the days where you used to walk into a lighting store and ask for a particular wattage of a bulb. With more and more energy saving options coming on the market, it is important for the consumer to have some knowledge about what bulb they are buying. Especially with LED Bulbs. Some Key Terminology when it comes to bulbs is Lumens, Wattage and Color Temperature. Lumens is the measurement  of light output.  Wattage is the measurement of how much power the bulb consumes. Color Temperature is the color the bulb will look when lit up. This ranges from 2700K-5000K in residential applications. 2700K being a warm light, very similar to incandescent bulbs, and 5000k being a more blue light.


LED bulbs come in different colors, so it is important to know what color bulb you would like for your application, as different color bulbs will make the room look different.

Lumen Selection

When selecting bulbs some of the cheaper LED bulbs will not be bright enough for the application you want them for. Make sure you look at how many lumens the bulb output is.  Below is a quick guild to how many lumens you want in an LED bulb to replace the equivalent incandescent lamp.  Please if you need any help or have any questions or concerns, do not hesitate to contact a trained sales staff at Signature Lighting and Fans. Your Calgary Lighting experts. 3500 7th Street S.E. Calgary Alberta

Selecting the correct LED bulb for the application you would like to use it for is critical. You do not want to get an LED bulb that is not bright enough. 

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